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“Lighting design is the enhanced presentation of form and space….”

Most people spend their lives working in an environment that is visually boring, surrounded by an exterior climate that is often cloudy and overcast. This influences our sense of well-being and can impair our attitude to work, shopping and recreation.

Visual stimulation through visual vitality and variety is therefore of the utmost importance. Theatrical lighting practice is built on visual stimulation. It enhances form through the use of texture, direction and colour to reveal a design in the most stimulating way. It creates many differing looks that suit mood to circumstance.

The best lighting can learn much from nature. A leafy courtyard observed from dawn to dusk on a sunny day will provide a background of continually changing hues, shapes and textures that are both psychologically stimulating and never dull. Today’s state of the art equipment can reproduce all the facets of nature in any setting with any degree of reality or stylisation.

I use the latest advances in automated lighting fixtures to great effect in theatre designs around the world. These units can effect infinite changes of colour and texture at will. Fitting design now allows these units to be used externally to provide a series of stunning programmable looks to the exterior of buildings and their surroundings. Another area of technical advance is that of large scale exterior projection. Using the latest high powered units, full colour images can be cross faded or scrolled across each other to create powerful visual effects.

Chris Ellis, with 44 years of specifying luminaries, light fittings and lighting control systems, is free from commitment to any one manufacturer and ensures that only equipment with a proven performance is specified to realise the design brief.   Public buildings, prestige reception spaces, cathedrals, restaurants, gardens, private houses: all   can benefit from the experience that has enhanced productions in theatres and opera houses  throughout the world.

We offer a special mixture of professional experience – atmospheric and environmental design on the one hand, applied physics on the other – both imagination and precise calculation, because it must be planned down to the finest detail. Involve the Chris Ellis team at an early stage, while there is still an ample opportunity to integrate the lighting scheme within the overall concept of the design .

From the definition of the desired lighting effect, right through to the fine tuning of the finished installation, we offer a complete lighting service for professional specifiers and private customers alike. A source of creative thinking and sound technical advice, sensitive to the priorities of other design disciplines and the constraints of a cost-effective installation.

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